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Protect your enterprise from costly physical breaches & regulatory fines

Do you ever wonder how some of the largest, most security-conscious companies are ensuring no bad actors are accessing critical infrastructure?

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A Unified Authentication Platform for Physical and Digital Access

The highest level of security available to protect organizations from physical breaches in one comprehensive platform.


Learn how to protect IT Rooms / IDF closets


Learn how to protect your Data Hall Entrance


Learn how to protect your customers cages


Learn how to protect your Data Center Cabinets


Learn how to protect VPN Access


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Learn how to protect access using survey authentication 

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Unauthorized access to critical infrastructure is the greatest risk to the enterprise.

1 in 10

1 out of every 10 data breaches are caused by physical security breaches – the same frequency and economic risk to your business as digital phishing attacks.
Source: IBM – Cost of a Data Breach (2020)

$8.64 m

The average cost of a data breach in the US is $8.6 million, with long-tail costs taking 2-3 years to fully realize. 80% of all data breaches include PII, resulting in additional costs of 30-80% for companies in regulated industries.
Source: IBM – Cost of a Data Breach


CEO Personal Liability

As the financial impact of breaches grow, it is expected that by 2024, 75% of CEOs will be held personally liable for cyber-physical security incidents.
Source: Gartner Research (2020)


When it comes to enterprise security, most companies are struggling to meet the ever-changing security threats. They’re stuck using point-to-point legacy systems that cannot scale or meet the challenges of tomorrow.

BioConnect represents a whole new approach to security. Our platform is a modern security solution that connects your existing systems with the latest-generation of biometric and mobile security. It is designed for large enterprises with complex infrastructure requirements, who need to reduce the risk of physical breaches and increase regulatory compliance. BioConnect gives you the agility to innovate and the power to scale. Above all, it gives you the freedom to build the best and most secure enterprise.

The future of access control… today.

Give your enterprise the power to innovate and integrate with the latest technologies.


Reduce the risk of physical data breaches by 50% and regulatory fines by 80%


Compliance, risk and privacy countermeasures

Now more than ever, organizations need a secure and scalable access control solution to protect their most valuable assets. Data breaches affect your business continuity. They cause significant direct financial losses. They cause significant long-tail costs as well, including fines, reputational loss, and consumer confidence.


Risk-based authentication for zero falsified access

Not all access points have the same security level and security levels change as threats change. The BioConnect Authentication Platform is a risk-based access solution that protects the most sensitive areas. We bring together the world’s best biometric technologies, so you know who is accessing your critical infrastructure.


Device, Enrollment and User Management Across All Locations

Say goodbye to managing multiple templates and enrollments for employees and visitors, across each location. The BioConnect platform provides a unified view, with one pool of identities, and one pool of devices, across all your buildings. Users and visitors can be remotely enrolled and access can be managed anywhere, at any time.

Build a best-of-breed security solution with BioConnect

Pick and choose how you want to authenticate

Whether you’re looking to prevent physical access to your critical infrastructure, monitor and provide continuous authentication to secure your data, or meet and exceed compliance standards, BioConnect’s meticulously designed platform helps you protect your most sensitive data. Thousands of the world’s most data-conscious companies are scaling faster and more securely by relying on the BioConnect platform.


Integrated into 80% of the access control market

Unlike other access control options that rely on point-to-point integrations, BioConnect’s partnership network and integrations enable frictionless deployments for even the most complex infrastructures.


Consume how you want.
Scale when you’re ready.

BioConnect’s core technology can be deployed under a one-time, on-premise perpetual license, or as a subscription-based authentication platform that grows over time. A hybrid cloud solution to give you what you need, where you need it.

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The Latest in Biometric Authentication and Mobile MFA

In this newly released Gartner report, analysts explore the top innovations that deliver security, risk management and business value in a post pandemic world.


What our customers are saying…

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Security, at scale.

Unparalleled security. Enterprise scale.

BioConnect has been securing North America’s most-critical infrastructure and complex enterprise environments for over a decade, with industry-leading biometric access control.
Over 1,000 enterprises have chosen BioConnect’s platform to provide reliable, unified, secure access that grows at the speed of their business.

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