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Protect your enterprise with the highest level of access security available

We do enterprise-wide access control better than anyone else in the world… and we make it easy to deploy and manage with one unified authentication platform.


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Unauthorized access to critical infrastructure is the greatest risk to the enterprise.

Now more than ever, organizations need a secure and scalable physical access control solution to protect their most valuable assets –  their data and services. Data breaches affect your business continuity and cause significant financial losses due to downtime and business disruption, loss of valuable records, the compromise of confidential corporate data and general loss of competitive advantage.


Data Breaches

15.1 Billion

15.1 billion records were breached in 2019. It is expected that data breaches will grow at a rate of 22.5% per year until 2023 and expose an estimated 146 billion records.
Source: Risk Based Security & Juniper Security


$8.64 Million

 Of all data breaches, 80% included records containing PII, costing the enterprise an average of $150 per record.The average cost of a data breach in the US is $8.64 million.
Source: IBM – Cost of a Data Breach

Physical Breaches

1 in 10

The cost of a data breach can cause irreparable damages to an enterprise. 1 out of every 10 data breaches are caused by physical breaches at an average cost of $4.36 million.
Source: IBM – Cost of a Data Breach

CEO Personal Liability


As the financial impact of data breaches grow, it is expected that by 2024, 75% of CEOs will be held personally liable for cyber-physical security incidents. 
Source: Gartner Research (2020)


All-in-one unified authentication platform for Physical and Digital Access

BioConnect provides the highest level of security available to protect organizations from physical breaches in one comprehensive platform.

Physical Security

Increased convergence with IT and the evolution of the digital technologies into cloud-based services and leveraging accessibility via mobile devices are key drivers that will impact the physical security.
Modernize and optimize your cyber defences with the highest level of business continuity and security compliance.


Reduce your physical data breach risk by 50% with BioConnect.

Digital / IT Security

Many organizations still treat physical and digital security as separate systems, despite the fact that they are intrinsically connected. IT can no longer be seen as “Set it & Forget it” systems.
Remove non secure proxies of identity and manage one identity across the enterprise for both digital and physical access.


Go from 10% to less than 1% risk of exposure to data breach.


The complete solution for data-conscious companies

Designed for large enterprises with complex infrastructure security requirements, who need to reduce the risk of physical breaches and increase regulatory compliance.


What our customers are saying…

James Billingsley
Senior Facilities Security Specialist


We do enterprise authentication better than anyone in the industry

Our Partnerships and Integration Network

Integrated into 80%+ of the Access Control Market

Unlike other access control options that rely on point-to-point integrations, BioConnect’s vast partnership network and integrations enable frictionless deployments for even the most complex infrastructures.

#1 Authentication Products and Services

The most powerful and flexible authentication tools for enterprise security

Whether you’re looking to prevent physical access to your critical infrastructure, monitor and provide continuous authentication to secure your data, or meet and exceed compliance standards, BioConnect’s meticulously designed platform, and unmatched functionality helps you protect your most sensitive data. Thousands of the world’s most data-conscious companies are scaling faster and more securely by relying on the BioConnect platform.

On-Prem or Managed Platform

Consume how you want. Scale when you are ready.

BioConnect’s core technology can be deployed under a one-time, on-premise perpetual license, or as a subscription-based authentication platform that grows over time. A hybrid cloud solution to give you what you need, where you need it.

Features you want. Data where you want it.

Grow into the cloud, at your own pace, without exposing your users’ sensitive data. BioConnect’s zero-trust security architecture and patent-pending cryptographic technology keeps you in control: your critical data remains inside your facility in your users’ pockets.

Always growing and improving

A solution that continues to build its value

BioConnect is an always-improving platform that is constantly listening to our customers to find new and better ways to provide the worlds best authentication service. Our world-class engingeering team constantly interates upon every facet of BioConnect’s stack. From our proprietary authentication platform to creating new technology to protect our customers during COVID-19, you’ll always have access to the latest security technology.

Security expertise you can count on

Fierce dedication to protecting our customers and partners

You can rely on us to keep your organization secure. But don’t just take our word for it, see what Industry Experts have to say.
Security Industry Association (SIA) selects the BioConnect Link Solution as the ‘Best Emerging Technology’ for 2020.

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Security, at scale.

Unparalleled security. Enterprise scale.

BioConnect has been securing North America’s most-critical infrastructure and complex enterprise environmnts for over a decard, with industry-leading biometric access control.
Over 1,000 enterprises have chosen BioConnect’s platform to provide reliable, unified, secure access that grows at the speed of their business.

Bank of Montreal selects BioConnect’s biometric authentication platform for secure access

Biometric authentication for both BMO’s commercial and corporate clients.


Market-leading technology. Market-leading savings.

Superior Business Continuity

The most comprehensive business continuity in the industry. Future proof changing threats. BioConnect keeps you covered. While other point-to-point integrations depreciate over time, BioConnect security continuiously evolves to meet tomorrow’s threats.

Superior Compliance Controls & Reporting

Unify your enterprise and your controls. The #1 driver of compliance costs is lack of centralized governance of compliance systems. Our platform provides a single pool of identities, a single set of controls, and a single audit view across all locations. 
Source: Annual Ponemon Institute Report (2020)

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The lowest TCO for your access point security infrastructure. Spend time managing your security, not your security system. Up to 80% savings on annual TCO, by automating the top drivers of your opterational regulatory audit and privacy costs.

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