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Mobile Authentication for Doors & Data Centers

A convenient, flexible and scalable solution to add an additional layer of security to physical access points with multi-factor mobile authentication.


Key Features





HID Mobile Credential

Unlock any HID Mobile Access compatible door with the BC Mobile Authenticator app. Add biometric authentication or a simple yes/no to your existing HID devices.


The Link Solution allows any organization to implement and ensure trusted access for all their physical security needs. It is retro-fit solution for doors, data centers, MDF & IDF closets and data rooms that leverages multi-factor authentication technology commonly used in digital security to confirm a digital identity.

How it Works

Multi Factor Authentication

A user taps their card at a door or cabinet.

User receives mobile push notification and authenticates.

Upon successful completion, access to door is approved!


A cost-effective and retro-fit solution to increase physical security


Be up and running in 30-minutes or less

A convenient, flexible and scalable method of adding an additional layer of security to physical access points with step-up authentication.  


Lower Cost – Higher Security

A convenient, flexible and scalable method of adding an additional layer of security to physical access points with step-up authentication. 

BioConnect Link packaging

Smart, rules-based access

With custom configuration for security administration, notifications for abnormal activity and the ability to set schedules for additional security levels, like after-hours access.


Touchless Access + Remote Enrollment

Enable a COVID-friendly solution to safely and securely approve access to your facilities. Utilize the Wellness Declaration feature of Link to further secure your employees health and wellness.

Multi Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication with Wellness Declaration

Designed to help companies prevent a second wave of COVID-19. Employees or visitors seeking to enter a building confirm their health status before being granted access to your facilities.


Add Mobile Multi-Factor Authentication to your Existing Solution with these  Components:

Hand tapping card at server cabinet

Link Device or LR1 Reader

An intelligent device designed to facilitate the unification of physical security with mobile authentication applications. Easy installation, less than 30 minutes.

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Multi Factor Authentication

Link Admin Console

A web platform to manage users, devices, rules, system configuration and two-factor authentication scheduling. Syncs users via the solutions ACM sync feature.

Mobile Authenticator

The second factor of authentication to the presented card. This can be BioConnect’s provided mobile authentication app (using biometrics or a simple yes/no approval), or a supported 3rd Party Authenticator


Pick and choose how you want to authenticate at the door and cabinet

Already have a mobile authenticator that you use for digital access?

Great! You can utilize those same authenticators with the Link Solution.

Utilize Existing Authenticators

The BioConnect Link Solution is integrated into the top mobile authenticators on the market and is continuously expanding its list of integrations. Some examples include DUO, Ping Identity and Okta.

Multi Factor Authentication
Multi Factor Authentication
Multi Factor Authentication

Don’t have a mobile authenticator yet or are looking for biometric authentication?

We’ve got you covered with the BC Mobile Authenticator.

Enable New Authentication Methods

The BioConnect Link Solution includes the BC Mobile Authenticator, for customers that either do not have an existing mobile authenticator, or prefer the authentication methods available. Methods include Biometric Authentication, Simple Yes/No Approval and Wellness Declaration Authentication.

Multi Factor Authentication
Multi Factor Authentication
Multi Factor Authentication

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