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A launch event and panel discussion recap from BioConnect.

Last Thursday, September 19th, BioConnect hosted an incredible event downtown Toronto featuring a panel discussion with some of the leading enterprise security professionals, titled “Identity is the New Security Perimeter”. Included on the panel was Mark Houpt, CISO at DataBank, Nada Ebeid, Business Development Manager at Genetec, Amanda Rogerson, Product Marketing Lead at Duo Security and our very own Courtney Gibson, CISO/CTO at BioConnect.

The goal of the panel was to educate those in the audience about the changing trends and intersection of physical and digital security, the emerging challenges and technology options available to the industry.

Rob Douglas, Chairman and Founder at BioConnect led off the discussion as event host with a challenge:

How do we enable trust in the connected world? As we move through the physical world to the digital world, the element of trust is lost. So, how do we reestablish trust in the physical and digital world as a core function?

He then moved on to announce a new solution that BioConnect is bringing to market – a unified mobile access solution that allows the trust of a digital identity to be used to authenticate a person attempting to access a physical space – bringing identity to the next security perimeter.

View our event recap video below:

Panel Discussion Highlights

The first panel question really kicked off the discussion and was directed at all panel members;

“What do you see as the major challenges of modern security and how are you seeing enterprise’s avoiding these threats?”

The responses were all aligned – panelists agreed that trust is essential and it comes down to identity; how can we establish trust from users coming into our environments and accessing our applications? Credential theft makes us vulnerable; how can we establish the trust that is needed? There needs to be a level of  trust factor from the technology available to us to leverage a unique and innovative way of saying, “We trust you.” Aka, trust the user with a ‘verification’ in the form of step-up authentication to create a level of identity assurance.

Another major challenge is the infrastructure that is currently in place. In an enterprise, our systems (both physical and digital) are complex – and security of those systems is critical. We must look at how we will modernize our enterprises while keeping all physical and digital systems safe and trustworthy.

“We are actively building out systems that are built to share data and are connected globally and we then protect those systems with passwords that we hope nobody shares – and that is the problem.” Courtney Gibson, CISO & CTO, BioConnect.

A direct question to Amanda Rogerson of Duo Security asked,

“How important is flexibility and customization from a customer standpoint, and how do you balance that demand for optimal user experience with the high levels of security required in today’s data breach landscape?”

Amanda responded:


The discussion continued from the physical access industry outlook where Nada Ebeid of Genetec was asked,

“Do you see Physical Security and Digital Security lines meeting? Is there any interconnecting that you have experienced?”

Hear Nada’s answer below:


Moving on to a question aimed at BioConnect, Courtney Gibson was asked,

“Why create this new mobile authentication for physical access solution? What gaps did you see in the market and who is this solution for?”

Courtney answered:

The final question posed to the entire panel was:

“We are all here under the banner of “Identity is the New Security Perimeter.” I think the essence of that statement is undeniable. How do you see this new security paradigm evolving in your respective markets over the next five years? What’s next for identity and security in your fields?”

Listen below to hear the perspective from Mark Houpt of DataBank: 


The panel discussion concluded with a live Q&A, followed by a live demo of BioConnect’s new solution, where the crowd asked questions ranging from the panelists takes on biometrics and facial recognition bans in the United States to a current user of Duo excited about the innovation emerging from the BioConnect < > Duo technology partnership.


For those looking to secure their spot to gain access to the new Unified Mobile Access solution from BioConnect, early access registration is now open: