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BioConnect Labs

BioConnect Labs is a team of innovators and thinkers, dedicated to enabling trust in the connected world by inspiring continued innovation with our customers and partners. With BioConnect Labs we focus on:

  • Data Driven Security
  • Frictionless Access / Movement
  • Open Systems Platform and O/S

Partner Spotlight

Here in our labs, we are working with Rank One Computing facial recognition technology to build passive verification for physical access control. Check out our video testing the tech!

Passive Foot Printing

  • Analyze the day to day patters and movement of employees throughout an organization
  • Understand the normal behaviors and access events for users, add extra layers of security when there is abnormal behavior 
  • Gain actionable insights from user patterns

Press Release

BioConnect Launches New Innovation Hub

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Enabling Trust in the Connected World

Proud recipient of support from the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.