Introducing CabinetShield to Address the Security Needs of Colocation Market

BioConnect is focusing in on the colocation data center market with the release of its newest product, CabinetShield.

A colocation data center provider provides facilities in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware; hosting the important data of different customers within the same facility comes with its security challenges. As stated in a 2015 IBM X-Force report, 55% of breaches occur as a result of unauthorized access by malicious insiders and inadvertent actors. With traditional authentication measures based on keys – how do you know that the person with access, is the one who gained access to the sensitive data…?

CabinetShield is a dual-factor fingerprint plus card lock that is specifically designed to fit onto the most common server cabinets in a data center. It has an HID multiCLASS read head with a fingerprint sensor, giving it the ability to support finger only, and card plus finger deployments. It was designed to provide a secure solution for server cabinets in the data center and do so in a way that gave colocation providers and their customers greater visibility into access events throughout the entire facility.

Many colocation facilities provide data center space for customers of various industries. Depending on the data that is stored in the physical location, various governing bodies (PCI, HIPAA, AICPA SOC, or other) enforce that any entity handling or storing data must adhere to specific asset documentation, configuration and change management, as well as transparent documentation and physical access security policies.

CabinetShield connects directly to a central access control system through BioConnect software, BioConnect ID Enterprise, which has integrations with over 20 of the leading access control solutions. When combined with BioConnect’s integrations with Suprema biometric readers, the audit trail shows not only who accessed a cabinet and when, but each critical point of the facility as the templates captured at initial enrollment are tied to the user profile and work on both CabinetShield as well as Suprema devices connected to the system. This is the first solution for access control that combines multiple biometric vendors and hardware types.

A national colocation facility in the United States came to BioConnect looking for a solution to secure a customer’s cabinets. The customer had two different teams that would be able to access to the same pod housing about 60 cabinets at initial deployment and wanted to make sure that each team could only access specific cabinets in the space. Since the cabinets were housed in the same pod, they needed to be able to restrict access to each cabinet. The company knew that implementing an electronic access control system would allow them to create an audit trail which would capture information such as who accessed which cabinet at specific times. They were also looking for a higher level of dependability through a system that utilizes both biometrics and the companies pre-existing access control platform.

BioConnect was contracted as a consultant for the project due to their past work demonstrating innovative biometric solutions. BioConnect recommended their newest solution, CabinetShield and worked to implement 200 CabinetShield devices to secure the front side of 200 cabinets – an expansion from the initial requirement of 60. With CabinetShield devices installed, the facility now has biometrics to secure the data hall (Suprema BioStation 2), pod (Suprema BioEntry W) and cabinets (CabinetShield), making it a streamlined experience for the user accessing each area via fingerprint recognition. BioConnect ID Enterprise connects all the biometric devices to the same central access control system, removing a lot of the operational friction that typically comes with combining devices from two different manufacturers.

CabinetShield is available for purchase directly from BioConnect’s website at

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