TechTO: Biometrics are the next generation of verifying identity online

At TechTO on Dec. 9th, 2016, BioConnect’s Chief Identity Officer, Bianca Lopes took the stage to share a lesson learned about identity.

TechTO takes place on the first Monday of every month. It’s an opportunity for the technology community in Toronto to meet up, meet someone new and learn something new. It’s also an opportunity for tech leaders to share a story or perspective with the audience. Each person gets 5 minutes to share their story.

Following the event, Betakit’s Amira Zubairi highlighted Bianca’s story, citing: “[Bianca] made a case that protecting identity is crucial amid the rise of tech startups, and highlighted the advancements in identification processes that can be used to protect identity.”

“How many usernames and passwords you’re going to have for every app…that’s going to be the definition of identity,” said Lopes. “…There’s so much room for fraud and usernames can be stolen.”

Watch the video: