A look back at our first two Hackathons at BioConnect

At BioConnect we understand the importance of holding company Hackathons for our employees.

“Developers love to create. It’s what drives us to solve new problems, create new technologies, and make the world better and safer for our customers. Hackathons are an invaluable time for us to focus on that process of creating and innovating. We are fortunate to have a tremendous team, with amazing breadth: biometrics, front-end, back-end, mobile, wireless and physical access control. Hackathons let us bring that team together on one intensely-focused task; it’s amazing to see the group jump from idea to idea, from prototype to prototype, and ultimately a new innovation is born.” - Courtney Gibson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Photo of developers working together

We held two Hackathons this year, one which leveraged the up and coming technology of chatbots and one on mobile credentials alongside the BioConnect product suite (BCE, BCID). We had participants from Engineering, QA, and DevOps take part to grow their skills both personally and professionally.

Photo of developers enjoying some beer

Jordan Douglas, Team Lead for Software Development, had the chance to participate in the Hackathon. “I learned that we can get a surprising amount done in only a few hours!”

“There is often a surge of excitement and energy in the office when we host a Hackathon. I witness innovation and the thought of “what’s possible” in the eyes of those who are creating the new.” - Christine Song, VP of People & Culture.

“The experience was incredible. It was interesting to see how much our people can accomplish when you clear obstacles and create a focused environment on a single task. We got way more done in the one day then I would have expected and really moved the ball forward in helping us realize our product/project goals.” - Josh Solomon, Director of Strategic Accounts.

Photo of the winning team

Josh helped organize the first-ever Hackathon at BioConnect and made it a competition for some extra motivation. There were 4 teams participating over the span of one full day. Team Bollyhood took the cash prize of $500 per team member!

“Hackathons help people develop new skills and gain new experience working with peers who are experts in other areas of technology. This drives our culture and creates amazing new technology in the process. Our last Hackathons have each resulted in prototypes of new technology that is going to become a new product, in the hands of our customers. One of the amazing advantages of being a growth-phase company is that we have the people, resources and flexibility to pivot when we see exciting opportunities and find a way to quickly bring them to market.” - Courtney Gibson, CTO

Overall our first two Hackathons exceeded the expectations of everyone at BioConnect and we are looking forward to holding another one soon.