BioConnect Augments Voice Recognition Capabilities

Following our partnership announcement with VoiceVault, we were contacted by on a story about how voice biometrics are impacting the consumer payments landscape.

The conversation focused on how integrating voice recognition technology to an existing biometrics platform, it will ease a lot of the complication that exists in trying to integrate biometrics into our every day lives. Prior to the partnership announcement, if a company, such as a payments provider, wanted to incorporate voice into their technology, they would have to source the biometrics provider, vet their technology, begin the integration process and then work to maintain the integration over time. As the company’s main value proposition, this work is completed by BioConnect.

“Ease of use, security and fraud reduction are major drivers as to why we’re seeing changes to identify verification within every day, run-of-the-mill banking applications.” – Bianca Lopes, VP, Global Alliances and Strategic Marketing

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