AMAG integrates bluetooth mobile technology with BioConnect

Ahead of ISC West 2017, AMAG announces new integrations focusing on mobile.

The focus for the show was obvious: mobile, mobile, mobile. With the launch of AMAG’s new Symmetry Blue Reader, boasting Bluetooth capabilities, the alignment to BioConnect ID was natural. Security System News interviewed AMAG’s President, Kurt Takahashi on their new Symmetry Blue Bluetooth reader with a new feature for biometric authentication leveraging BioConnect’s BioConnect ID.

“What that means is, when I walk up to a door that is Bluetooth enabled, it will sense my phone and instead of utilizing the mobile credential to let me in, it is going to launch the biometric app first and allow me to choose eye, face, voice, fingerprint and/or pin, and I can use it in single factor or dual factor depending on how high of a security level that I require.”

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