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Door Security

Unified Mobile Authentication for Physical Access

Our Unified Mobile Authentication App adds additional layers of security to all enterprise doors. It’s smart, rules-based access control leverages mobile 2-factor authentication, equipping you to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out.


HID Mobile Credential

Unlock any HID Mobile Access compatible door with the BC Mobile Authenticator app. Add biometric authentication or a simple yes/no to your existing HID devices.

How It Works

Transforming the traditional. A familiar access experience, with the added security of identity assurance. 

Tap Card

Authenticate on Mobile


BioConnect’s  Link Solution  Wins

Best Emerging Technology in 2020

at ISC West New Product Show Case

Designed for safe return to office during COVID-19

New Product Feature

Wellness Declaration Survey

The Wellness Declaration survey helps companies mitigate the spread of the second wave of COVID-19. Before entering an office building, all employees receive a health status request to confirm their current health. With this new solution, you can grant or deny entrance access to individuals who pose a risk to the health of your employees. 


Deny Untrustworthy and Falsified Access

Key cards and FOBs can be easily duplicated. With a Unified Mobile Authentication App, suspicious access events can be blocked.

Product Feature


Smart, Rules-Based Access


With custom configuration, you have the ability to set schedules for additional security levels, like after-hours access.

Use the Authenticator of Your Choice

Multi-Factor Authentication:

BioConnect Mobile

Use Face or a Simple Yes/No approval

*included with BioConnect Link

Multi-Factor Authentication:


Multi-Factor Authentication:


Multi-Factor Authentication:


Modernize your Access Control System

Meets Compliance

Best-in-class security with 2-factor authentication at any access point

Meets data security and encryption standards

Download the Security Overview

Actionable Data

Customize and own your data

Gain actionable insights for all access events

Cost Effective

Be up and running in 30 minutes or less

Cloud-based solution means no hosting costs

1/10th the cost of an on-premise solution

Solution Components

Unify your existing access control system with the following components

Access Control System

We integrate with all the top global access control systems, allowing you automatically sync user data across systems while maintaining user access privileges. 

Mobile Authentication App

The second factor of authentication can be BioConnect’s biometric authentication app, or an integrated partner technology like Duo, Ping ID, and Okta.

Administration Console

BioConnect Link administration console is an online portal for user management, device management, account alerts and notifications, system configuration, and step-up scheduling. 

IoT Device

Our BioConnect Link device is used to facilitate the unification of physical security with mobile authentication applications. Easily install in under 30 minutes.

Have Technical Questions?

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BioConnect’s Unified Mobile Authentication App is a convenient, flexible and scalable method of adding an additional layer of security to physical access points with step-up authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?


A small device (BioConnect Link) is installed between the reader and the ACM panel. The Wiegand from the door reader is plugged into the device inputs. The same terminal then outputs the Wiegand back out to the panel.

In Use

When a user taps their card, BioConnect Link reads the Wiegand signal correlated to the user’s card with a 2FA credential. A step-up request is then sent to the user’s mobile phone. Once BioConnect Link receives an ‘Approved’ response, the Wiegand signal is released to the ACM panel to open the door.

How long does it take to install?

The installation of the device is simple and takes less than 30 minutes per device.

Is my private data being sent to the cloud?

All communication to the cloud is encrypted and your PII, such as card numbers, utilizes a 1-way hash that cannot be deciphered with our cloud services. BioConnect software services will not know your raw card information. 

What kind of data compliance and device compliance can I expect?

Best in class digital security, using digital cryptography and Mutual TLS1.2 authentication for secured communication in software services and FCC declaration of conformity for the device.

Does BioConnect Link need to be connected via ethernet?

BioConnect Link can be connected via ethernet, wifi and mesh WiFi if the signal strength is low in certain areas of the devices.

What happens if the power goes out or I lose internet connection?

Mechanical failsafe or fail-secure can kick in to ensure that all users can be configured either to be on bypass mode by letting the signal to go through to the ACM and continue as normal, or all doors are secured until power is restored. We also keep a list of the last 100 transactions locally on the device and use that for offline matching. This will ensure any of the last 100 cards tapped at the reader will be able to get through the door even when offline.

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