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Security for High-Tech

BioConnect keeps your building, applications and employees secure. 

Add Biometrics and 2-Factor Authentication to Guard Against Cyber-Attacks

The high-tech sector is often ground zero for cyber-attacks. One obvious reason is that these organizations have very valuable information to be stolen. Due to the sensitive and diverse nature of most personal data, high-tech organizations typically have a very large attack surface to protect.

BioConnect protects against cyber-attacks with a range of solutions that allow the enterprise to customize for their security needs.

Meet the Toughest IT Requirements

Prevent Costly Cyber Attacks

Helps protect and prevent direct critical infrastructure attacks at both a physical and network level.

Customize Security Processes

Customize security levels and keys to ensure secure communication across the network.

IPV4/V6 Dual-Stack Network Support

Futureproof your system in preparation for impending IPV6 transition.

Multi-Layer Data Encryption

Leading data protection standards implemented throughout platform infrastructure.

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Biometric Hardware

We have the world’s leading biometric devices for your project. 

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Unified Mobile Access

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