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Security for Financial Services

We help protect your high-risk financial transactions by using your customer’s biometrics, removing the use of RSA tokens, increasing the customer experience and reducing fraud.

Protecting Institutions and Improving Customer Experience

The financial services industry is changing. Well-established institutions are experiencing increasing demand from their customers for higher security with decreased friction. From the user’s perspective – it can be extremely frustrating to remember passwords, pins, and PVQ’s (personal verification questions). This friction can turn a good impression of a bank into one of frustration and anger.

Institutions must work quickly to create pathways for their customers that reconcile these demands while also meeting security, compliance and audit requirements. 

BioConnect supports these efforts and enables banks to efficiently and effectively deploy solutions that increase security while allowing the customer to interact with your institution without friction.

Use Cases

True Multi-Factor Authentication

Step-Up Client Access

Add additional security with multi-factor authentication, incorporating something you have, something you know and something you are, providing a layered defence against unauthorized access.

Secure Content Access

Data is a Valuable Resource

From secure portal access to downloading sensitive documents, is of utmost importance to assure the right person is receiving the data and gaining access.

Transaction Verification

Real-Time Security

Leverage users’ mobile devices for exact identity assurance providing capabilities to authenticate transactions including multi-factor and multi-modality authentication.

Identity Proofing

Who is Accessing What, When

Organizations are facing critical issues with identity proofing to combat the continual rise in identity theft and ever-changing fraud schemes.

Case Studies

Bank of Montreal

BMO partners with BioConnect to launch biometric authentication platform for commercial and corporate clients.

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Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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