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Physical security technology has been slow to keep pace with the digital innovation that is rapidly occurring within the enterprise. Access cards and key fobs are still as widely used today as they were 20 years ago. These tokens are easily stolen and replicated providing minimal identity assurance that the person presenting it at the door is its intended owner. 

Leveraging Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) technology commonly used in digital security to confirm a digital identity, BioConnect explores an additional service to its platform for enterprises looking to provide an additional layer of security to physical access by serving a step-up notification to the requester’s mobile device.


Leveraging Current IT Tools for Step-Up Authentication

The current adoption of MFA and 2FA in the enterprise for digital solutions is massive. Mobile downloads of two-factor authentication applications have increased 320% in the last two years. The tools for users have been evaluated by IT teams and are now commonly approved solutions that many enterprises leverage as MFA and 2FA solutions.

Take for example, Duo, the leader in 2FA solutions for digital access used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. A unified solution will allow an enterprise to verify a physical access request in conjunction with these pre-approved IT solutions, like Duo, for step up authentication at physical access points.

The solution is not limited to door access only, its capabilities allow any physical access point (cabinets, machinery, vaults, equipment, etc.) to provide additional security measures.

Next Generation Biometrics at the Door

By 2022, Gartner, Inc. predicts that 70 percent of organizations using biometric authentication for workforce access will implement it via smartphone apps, regardless of the endpoint device being used. For perspective, in 2018, this figure was fewer than 5 percent.

For areas requiring higher levels of security, the enterprise can leverage BioConnect’s digital solution, BioConnect ID, to be the mobile authenticator securing access attempts with biometrics. Not only does this allow higher levels of identity assurance of the person requesting access, the cost of deploying biometrics will be reduced when compared to installing physical biometric devices.

Unifying Data Across Physical and Digital Solutions

By transforming existing door hardware and making it mobile enabled, security teams can now gather significantly more data from an access point versus traditional card methods by including data from the mobile device. Data from physical security endpoints will be brought into digital applications for example SIEM systems, and existing IT dashboards allowing one single view for all access data.

BioConnect continues to be a leader in the physical security space and seeks to unify the world of physical and digital security through secure identity-based solutions. To learn more about mobile verification for physical access and other product updates visit, or visit us at Booth #28065 at ISC West where the new solution will be on display.