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In 2007, our Founder & CEO, Rob Douglas was walking a security trade show floor and noticed most of the vendors on the floor were showcasing access solutions using cards, PINs and keys.

It was then he uncovered a rather provocative truth— the world didn’t realize that their Rightful Identity is NOT contained in a plastic card, but they had been led to believe so given the lack of any real alternative to these suspect identities.

Each person operated on the belief that the right card or set of numbers and letters will allow them to gain access through any portal; a door, a bank manager, a machine… Yet they all realized and had become frustrated by the fact that they could be denied entry if their “card” were compromised, shared or stolen. Rob realized that these cards, PINs and passwords are Suspect Identity because every person has characteristics that are completely unique to them; face, eye, fingerprint, heartbeat, voice, the way they behave…That is our Rightful Identity, so why aren’t we using it?


Did others share this frustration? This security concern?

From that time, Rob discovered that there is plenty of will to make a change, if only there were fewer obstacles to implementing technology based on our Rightful Identity…

Our original company name, Entertech Systems was founded on the premise of supporting the technology that allowed us to use our Rightful Identity to enter a building – hence the name “Enter-Tech.” As an operating partner for Suprema, a world leader in biometrics and security, we provided physical access control solutions based on our Rightful Identity with fingerprint and facial recognition access solutions.

Shortly thereafter our identity platform called “BioConnect” was born out of a real use case in 2011: A customer wanted to use their building’s existing access control software (the software that grants you access into the building), but also wanted to add biometric devices as access points. An integration was built for this company and BioConnect went on to add more access control system integrations, expanding the identity platform to what it is today. The platform aimed to make it less complicated, more cost effective and easier to onboard new users when incorporating biometrics into an existing access control system based on Rightful Identity.

Flash Forward to Today

Today our identity platform has grown to become the standard for biometric access control integrations and has locked down partnerships that now cover 80% of the global access control market. We continue to be Suprema’s operating partner in North America, the UK, Ireland and Puerto Rico. We have further expanded our partnership ecosystem to also include a biometric device integration right down to the server cabinet level for our data center customers.

We have decided to rebrand the name of our company to what was one of our core products, BioConnect. The name BioConnect really speaks to who we are today and the direction we’re headed: the seamless integration of biometrics to enable the use of peoples’ rightful identity. It is our Quest for Rightful Identity.


Same company. Same leadership. Same products… With a different look, different message and a new logo.


Our mission is to provide a Rightful Identity platform that continues to be modality agnostic, so you can you use the biometric authentication method that is most convenient for you in a secure, encrypted and standardized fashion.

One ecosystem, one identity, many different Rightful Identity players.


The New Look

The new logo was born out of our C.O.R.E. values as a company — to always be dauntless, outliers, bold and respectful. We aren’t afraid to speak out against the status quo, as long as it is done in a respectful way.

Through extensive design research our new logo was created. We continue to use the same green of our previous color scheme for Entertech and BioConnect to keep some of our past within our new identity and show conviction in our Quest for Rightful Identity with the period. The bolding of ‘bio’ speaks to the purpose of our existence, your biometric, and how we aim to enable the world to simply be who they are in order to prove their identity.


Making our Mark

Join BioConnect on the Quest for Rightful Identity, empowering people to use credentials that are completely unique to them, such as their face, eyes, heartbeat or fingerprint. BioConnect’s core solutions — our identity management platform, hardware and applications as well as partnerships enable the simple integration of current and future biometric technologies delivering greater security, assurance and convenience today and tomorrow.


About BioConnect

With over 1600 Customers and 60 Partnerships globally, BioConnect provides an enterprise biometric authentication and security platform to establish stronger trust in verifying a person’s identity across physical, IOT and digital applications. The result is exact identity assurance, advanced cybersecurity and protection of the most valuable company assets; people, data and IP. For more information, visit

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