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Hard Token Replacement- An ROI Comparison

Financial Institutions are Saving $5M in Just 3 Years with this Method:

A proven ROI cost comparison of switching from hard tokens to biometrics for high-risk money transfers. Help your financial institution save at least $5 M in just 3 years while increasing security authentication events by 87%.

What you’ll learn:

ROI of Swapping Hard Tokens for Biometrics

Year over year price comparisons based on using biometrics over hard tokens for secure money transfers.

How to Save $5M in 3 Years

Cut maintenance, licencing and replacement costs needed to distribute hard tokens for high-risk money transfers.

Maximize your Investment in Biometrics

Reduce costs associated with traditional hard tokens. 

How to Increase Successful Access Events by 87%

Keep user convenience top of mind. Biometrics are easy to use, cannot be stolen and the only way to have exact identity assurance.