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SAN FRANCISCO – BioConnect and ForgeRock today announced at the 2019 RSA Conference their partnership, for enabling companies to secure privileged access with enterprise grade biometrics from BioConnect as part of ForgeRock’s comprehensive identity and access management platform.

BioConnect’s digital identity authentication solution, BioConnect ID, secures critical business applications and remote access by leveraging multi-modal biometrics as part of a layered authentication approach, combined with multi-factor and risk-based authentication methods to deliver higher levels of identity assurance. BioConnect ID is a true multi-factor authentication platform that layers identity assurance from what you know (a username and password), what you have (your specific mobile device) and what you are (voice, face and finger biometrics on your mobile device) providing strong on-device authentication without compromising user experience and supported by prescriptive analytics through a cloud console that decreases risk and increases trust throughout the enterprise.

“We believe identity is the new perimeter of security for the enterprise. Our integration with ForgeRock helps bring a true biometric based trusted identity to a leading Identity and Access Management platform.”

Rob Douglas

Chairman & CEO, BioConnect

ForgeRock enables businesses to securely manage the complete identity lifecycle of people, services, and things, from identity to device registration, provisioning, social registration, progressive profiles, profile and privacy management, synchronization, reconciliation, and more. The ForgeRock Identity Platform is deployable on any cloud (including bring-your-own-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud models), with preconfigured cloud installation packages within minutes. The platform supports millions of any type of identities, and the rapid deployment reduces implementation costs by 25% and increases ROI by 50%.

“ForgeRock customers want authentication solutions that are more secure yet provide a great user experience. Solutions like BioConnect allow our customers to strike that balance by leveraging an array of biometric options orchestrated by ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication framework.”

Ben Goodman

Vice President, Global Strategy and Innovation, ForgeRock

Customers of ForgeRock will now be able to enhance their existing Identity and Access Management platform with a secure layer of identity assurance offered by BioConnect’s multi-modal biometrics platform. This provides precise identity assurance of a users digital journey throughout an enterprise.

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