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Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthen digital and physical security with the power of multi-factor mobile authentication

Hand holding HID card and mobile device at door and BioConnect Link

Mobile Authentication for Physical Access

Enable the power of Mobile Authentication for Physical Access with BioConnect Link’s API. Link’s API is ideal for Physical access at Doors and Data Center Cabinets. Utilize a variety of authentication methods via your mobile device: biometric authentication, simple yes/no two-factor authentication, and more!

Mobile Biometric Authentication for Digital Access

The Digital Access API enables biometric mobile authentication for digital access. Pick and choose your biometric types: face, voice, eyes, fingerprint, to authenticate on your mobile device.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Network Access

Say goodbye to hard tokens as your authentication method for digital and network access. The Digital Access API allows you to use a desktop soft token for access control.

Biometric  Authentication

Biometric Hardware Security for Existing Physical Security Systems

Biometric Authentication for
Physical Access

Add biometrics to your existing access control solution using the Enterprise Physical Access API. Whether you are focused on letting the right people in, or keeping the wrong people out, we offer best-in-class biometric devices for door security.

Hand holding HID card and mobile device at door and BioConnect Link

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