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COVID-19 is a new virus that has forced people to question their security levels and their preparedness in unprecedented situations. If there is one thing we can learn from COVID-19, is that the world is utterly unprepared to control this type of enemy and something really needs to change to prevent more of these pandemics from occurring. We may think we have enough equipment and resources to control and survive a huge pandemic, but COVID-19 is proving otherwise. Countless nations have begun to depend on other countries to provide manufacturing, fabrication, and supply chain services for critical infrastructure components. To affect change, governments must alter how they buy technology, businesses must reevaluate their supply chains, and consumers need to be more prepared and lenient towards change. As one whole society, we have all let each other down and if were going to prevent more of these pandemics from occurring, we must all start deeply evaluating each and every decision we make.

Governments must quickly protect essential infrastructure – Report

In terms of essential infrastructure, there is no difference between physical and cybersecurity. The evolution of technology is non-stop and new technology allows us all to grow and built much more reliable and secure objects. The growth of security is a merger between both cyber and physical security know-how and experience. The internet of things (IoT) which is the interconnection via the internet of computing devices, continues to expose several technological issues among networks. They disclose many flaws that OEMs, ODMs and system integrators overlook when deploying services and solutions. If we can learn something from COVID-19, is that it is never too late to act on ensuring the future is controlled. Governments must act quickly and efficiently to ensure the suppliers, the solutions deployed, and the partners chosen are qualified, trusted and most importantly, provide the best service possible.

Governments can start by issuing standards and certifications to companies, providing an additional sense of trust and qualification. When we all google search “best …” many of us will go to the place that has the most positive reviews and is the most common. However, just because they have good reviews does not necessarily mean they are 100% qualified and trusted. Certifications from the government will provide that extra trust that states “we the government approve of this company’s services and solutions”.

Ultimately from a security perspective, both government and corporate entities need to understand their security risk profiles from both a cyber and physical security perspective. Organizations must understand the flaws in their system, the ways to eliminate risks, and assure customers are gaining the most effective and reliable solutions.

Consumers have a chance to secure their privacy – Report

In these unpredictable times, it’s difficult to see how consumers have the opportunity to secure their privacy, but in reality, these times are one of the greatest chances. Zoom Inc is one of the most used and reliable virtual communication systems on the planet, and currently one of the most popular. Zoom has become the poster child for ad-hoc web conferencing as it is a free and efficiently simple tool. However, as useful as it is, it’s also a huge marketing opportunity. Many consumers when they download free applications on their phones and computers, don’t exactly realize just how much privacy their throwing out the window. The average smartphone user provides personal information to over 5,000 companies per day – this includes location, browsing history, and many other points of interest. Zoom is no different from these companies and remains as a vulnerable system in the eyes of security professionals. Consumers need to understand the risk they place themselves in as this kind of information can lead to severe problems.

In the end, we will prosper

As difficult as these times can be, COVID-19 will not come out on top. Our society has been through too much to let this virus get the ultimate victory. However, that being said, when we finally come out of this dilemma, life will not simply go back to “normal”, but will enter a global reset period where restrictions will still be implemented to prevent a second wave of COVID-19. We must all do our part in helping prevent a second wave to ensure the health and safety of all people.

BioConnect Cares is an initiative designed specifically to minimize the chances of a second COVID-19 wave. BioConnect’s touchless access solutions allow people to securely enter a facility without the need of physical contact – this includes mobile biometric facial recognition.

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