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Account Management & Audit Logging

Pair Admin Console with the BioConnect Mobile Authenticator to add biometrics to your digital security for application management and network access.

screenshot of Insights feature of Bioconnect Enterprise for audit logging


Use Cases





Information and data is power. Get valuable insights and audit logging into the way your users authenticate with total control over the entire user and device lifecycle.

Total Control with Provisioning

Example of user management within biometric access control software

User & Device Provisioning

Complete lifecycle management of a user including the devices they use to authenticate. Manage users via the Admin Console or utilize the BioConnect ID API.

Modality Provisioning

Set which biometric modalities are available to a single or group of users. Toggle modalities account wide based on preferences and risk of transaction.

Modality selection for users within Biometric access control software

Audit Logging for Security & Compliance

Audit logs have taken on a new importance in the fight against cybercrime. They are a means to examine what activities have occurred across the system, and pinpoint failures.

Screenshot of Verification Request Audit Logging

Dashboard Audit Logs

Without audit logging, any action by a malicious actor on a system can go totally unnoticed and unreported. BioConnect ID offers event logs configured to help an organization capture security, authentication, and privileged user activity information.

Detailed User Authentication History

Knowing when and where a user performs an authentication can build a data set to establish known patterns for user authentication events. This can then be used as contextual biometrics to determine the likelihood of a user completing future transactions based on past history and normal patterns.

Audit logging map of Toronto with yellow indicator of where users are authenticating

Identity assurance for every enterprise


Valuable insights gathered from trusted user data

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Admin Console

Utilize the Admin Console for the highest levels of compliance and user data to protect your digital applications and network access.

BC Mobile Authenticator

The BC Mobile Authenticator enables true user identity by gathering user data that ensures the highest levels of trust.

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Solution Overview

Mobile Biometric Authentication

Strengthen trust and security for your enterprise and client applications using biometric multi-factor authentication.

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The Path to Greater Identity Assurance: Trust AI

Monitor and measure users and their authentications with prescriptive analytics to help the enterprise decrease risk and mitigate malicious activity with actionable incident management.

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