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The Most Advanced Access Control Solution for the Enterprise

Your access control system is the most important security decision you will make. Manage and scale your biometric devices from a single integration point.

 Access Control System

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BioConnect Wins 2021

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What’s New?

Mobile Authentication at the Door

The BioConnet Enterprise 5.0 solution now offers the ability to implement mobile authentication at the door with all existing suprema devices. Through the integration with the Award-Winning BioConnect Link solution, you can now utilize biometric authentication (via the BC Mobile App) or leverage existing digital authenticators that you use today, such as DUO, Okta, and Ping ID.

Thermal Detection + Wellness Solution for a Safe Return to Office

Prepare for employee return to work with support of the new Thermal Camera, as well as enforcing a COVID-19 Wellness check for employees before entering your permises.

FaceStation F2 with Mask Detection

Support of all new FaceStation F2 device – allowing for mask detection and best-in-class facial recognition accuracy with the use of IR and Fusion matching.

LR1 Device - the Latest Addition to the Authenticator Suite

Introducing the all new BioConnect LR1 Device to future proof your security systems. For changing threat levels of Low – High security access points including Data Centers, Server Cabinets, Safes, MDF/IDF Closets, Doors and IIOT devices.

On an older version of BioConnect Enterprise? See How to Upgrade to 5.0


BioConnect Enterprise makes it easy and cost effective to integrate biometrics into your current access control system. With simple, secure and scalable features and functions, it is tailor-made for enterprises where verifying the true identity of people is critical for secure access to both physical facilities and software applications.

Features and Specifications:

• Advanced Template Management

• Access Control Release Level Certification

• Face/Finger Device Certification

• Scalable Architecture

 Access Control System

Integrate to Your Existing Access Control

With 20+ out-of-the-box integrations, seamlessly add biometrics to your current access control infrastructure for increased security.

 Access Control System

Surpass the IT Requirements for Security

Cutting edge security technology, that creates the highest level of network, data and device protection in any biometric access control system.

 Access Control System

Simple Synchronization of Data

Synchronize any changes, deletions, or updates made to users in your access control platform seamlessly.

The Highest Level of Security Available to Protect Organizations from Physical Breaches in One Comprehensive Platform


Designed for Large, Complex Infrastructures

Designed for organizations with complex digital infrastructures, multiple office locations and diverse employee and visitor populations, BioConnect’s 5.0 platform helps enterprises implement, maintain and scale higher levels of physical security at the lowest cost of ownership available in the industry. 

Add Mobile Biometric Authentication and Wellness Authentication to your System

BioConnect Enterprise 5.0 brings unity across physical and digital authentication as never previously done using BioConnect Link (Winner of The Security Industry Association’s Best Emerging Technology Award for 2020).

link face authentication

Global Templates for Simple Onboarding, Enrollment and Management

Solution integrators will also appreciate the updates to make implementation seamless with a standardized approach including global biometric template distribution and management for simple onboarding, enrollment, and management of users at locations worldwide, and a fast and easy authentication experience.

Give Users Privacy and Choice

End Users will benefit from the choice of authentication methods and privacy options, the platform includes support for touchless access through facial recognition devices or mobile applications, which includes IT trusted mobile authenticators such as Cisco’s Duo App, Okta and PingID; along with BioConnect Mobile.

Courtney Gibson

Why did we build BioConnect Enterprise 5.0?

“For companies with a global footprint, managing multiple geographic locations and diverse user communities can be a challenge. We designed BioConnect’s 5.0 platform to deliver the highest level of security and scalability to protect organizations from physical data breaches that can result in regulatory fines and a negative impact on business continuity while still maintaining the highest levels of privacy for users authenticating with our solutions.“

Fingerprint Biometrics

Card + Mobile Authentication

Card + Digital MFA (DUO, Okta, Ping ID)

Card + Wellness Survey

Card Access

Choose How You Want to Authenticate

To help with managing access in the new normal, BioConnect 5.0 includes support for the new BioConnect LR1 as the ‘swiss army knife’ of door readers offering FIVE authentication modes. Uncertain times require flexible authentication. The LR1 provides multi card access, fingerprint biometrics, card + mobile face biometrics, card + Digital MFA (DUO, Okta, PingID), and card + compliance (Wellness Declaration) authentication. The LR1 is the most flexible security door reader available on the market.

Ensure Health & Safety with Contactless, Thermal, and Survey Authentication Methods

BioConnect 5.0 also adds the new outdoor-rated touchless facial recognition, mask detection and optional thermal monitor inside Suprema’s new F2 reader into the platform.

face scan

A New Look & Feel

New features in the platform include updated data analytics and reporting tools with an Admin Console​ with a modern UX which includes full biometric lifecycle management for the full range of BioConnect’s solutions and certifications for over six facial recognition and fingerprint devices. 


Your Industry Manages Access with BioConnect Enterprise Access Control


Add Biometrics to your Existing Access Control System with these  Components:

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Access Control Software

We integrate with the top 15 access control systems in the market so you can continue to use your existing and trusted software.

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Biometric Hardware

Purchase Suprema biometric hardware from our online store or from your access control provider for proven assurance at all access points.

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Integration Software

Our biometric integration software, BioConnect Enterprise, makes it easy and cost effective to add biometrics to your current access control system.

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Integrated into 80%+ of the Top Access Control Manufacturers

We’ve done the heavy lifting. BioConnect Enterprise is integrated into your existing Access Control Solution. Get started today.

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The Most Advanced Access Control Solution for the Enterprise

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