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Data Center Security

Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication for Data Centers 

Our biometric security for data centers solution was created to meet compliance and security standards with multi-factor authentication for server cabinets.

A Comprehensive Solution for Meeting Today’s Standards

We meet cybersecurity’s most stringent regulatory and customer requirements.

Manage Compliance

Achieve compliance goals and meet expanding requirements. 

Indisputable Audit Trail

Event-based reporting with higher assurance of identity to access critical data. 

Highest Security

Biometrics and multi-factor authentication provide secure control of your data.

Leveraging biometric security in data centers to ensure the privacy and security of sensitive and critical data.

Solution Components

Secure your most critical areas from the front door to the cabinet


Biometric Security for Data Centers

Retrofit Software

BioConnect Enterprise is a retrofit biometric access control software that integrates into your existing access control.

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Select Your Hardware

Biometric Security for Data Centers

BioEntry W2

Fingerprint Reader

World’s Fastest Fingerprint Device, IP67, Dust and Water Proof

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Biometric Security for Data Centers

BioStation 2

Fingerprint Reader

Outdoor Fingerprint Device, PoE (Power over Ethernet), Wifi Compatibility

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Two-Factor Authentication from the Entrance to the Data Cabinet

Ensure the privacy and security of sensitive and critical data with BioConnect’s security solution for data centers. 

“The BioConnect solution helped us meet the requirements of ISO27001 and also provided a way to truly manage and report the identity of all that entered our facility- a more realistic visibility of ‘who, where and when.'”
Ian Tait, Technical Manager, City Lifeline

Does you data center security need an upgrade?

BioConnect in the Data Center

Unauthorized access to data center resources can result in financial losses due to downtime and business disruption, loss of valuable records, the compromise of confidential corporate data and general loss of competitive advantage.

The role of data centers over the years has changed to offer agility and competitive strength. As a result, innovation inside the data center has brought insight and clarity to the market. Why is this important? To provide assurance to the customer of a colocation/ cloud operation that their data will remain safe.

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Enabling Trust in the Connected World

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