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Version 4.0 has just been launched and brings with it new capabilities and features fit to serve the modern enterprise and its application-based security needs. 

Key Updates

Some of the key updates mentioned below include custom skinning of the mobile app which allows for unique logos and colors to be presented, along with trust score analytics which allows for monitoring and measuring the trust of an end-user based on the information collected from biometric, behavioral and contextual sources.

Custom Application Skinning

Custom app skinning is a new feature of the Mobile Authenticator in which a system administrator can choose a custom color and upload a custom logo to the BioConnect application. When the end-user is securing a web-based application transaction (e.g. login event or access of sensitive information) and the Mobile Authenticator app is being used for step-up, this custom skinning feature allows for the company’s corporate color and logo to be presented, ultimately looking more similar to how the web application is designed.


Trust Score Analytics

Trust Score Analytics is a new feature for system administrators to use within the Admin Console. The goal is to provide analytics for monitoring and measuring the trust of an end-user based on the information collected from biometric, behavioral and contextual sources. A system administrator will be able to view a user’s Trust Score, along with the breakdown by six risk indicators. The risk indicators we’re calculating are:

  • Device Fingerprinting identifies changes in device attributes which may signal a stolen device.
  • Past Authentications considers past authentication history to detect sign-in inconsistencies.
  • Geo Velocity identifies two sign-ins originating from geographically distant locations, where at least one of the locations may also be atypical for the user, given past behavior.
  • Time of Day considers past sign-in times to determine atypical user behavior.
  • Location considers past sign-in locations to determine new/unfamiliar locations.
  • IP Check identifies sign-ins from suspicious IP addresses.


Interpreting the Trust Score

When looking at someone’s Trust Score, you will see that it fluctuates over time. If a person successfully authenticates multiple times a day, with several biometric modalities, the score will increase to a high level. However, periods of prolonged inactivity or multiple unsuccessful authentication attempts would bring down the Trust Score.

Consuming the Trust Score

The Trust Score can be used for just-in-time risk assessment of an individual and the assessed risk level can then be used to implement adaptive authentication. Low levels of trust can be used to prompt step-up authentication, such as sending a secondary authentication request.  High levels of trust can lower the authentication requirements and allow for a more frictionless access experience. Extreme outliers where the Trust Score is very low can prompt a more intrusive system response, such as automatic suspension of the person’s access credentials.

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