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Trust and security in the digital world are under a continuous threat, with malicious attacks surfacing every day. Organizations need to defend themselves from the various types of cyber-attacks, including identity theft, account takeover, and phishing attacks. BioConnect continues to strengthen its position as a leader in trust and security for the enterprise, providing a growing suite of biometric authentication and integration solutions. New product updates for BioConnect ID will be released soon, the highlights are below.

Trust Intelligence

In an effort to increase trust and identity assurance, the BioConnect ID platform now offers a tool for measuring and quantifying trust. Each authentication event will now have an associated Trust Score, which is a numeric representation of the likelihood of the user actually being who they present themselves as. This trust score is based on associated risk indicators, which are calculated by looking at the user’s biometrics, behavior (location, geo-velocity and time of day), and context (user’s past authentication history, IP address).

Improved Biometrics

BioConnect has continued to source and test the biometric modalities available on the market. Users will notice an increased speed during biometric modality enrolment and verification, in addition to greater security in FAR and FRR variables. Changes include:

  • Voice Verification: Voice verification can now be performed in any language, with any accent. The biometric comparison is now text dependent but language independent. This means that users with accents will not have any problems with enrolments or verifications.
  • Playback Attacks: There is an improved resilience to playback attacks for the voice modality. Through a process of continually enrolling new biometric samples at each verification event, the app continually grows the number of biometric samples available, making it much more difficult to complete a playback attack.
  • Facial Recognition: Face enrolments have been improved to perform radically faster. Unlike the previous experience, a user is no longer required to make any head movements. Looking straight into the camera is all that’s needed for a successful enrolment. The verification process for face is also much faster now, typically taking less than 1 second.

Enhanced UX

A reconstructed application will soon be available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The BioConnect ID mobile app now offers a more streamlined design. The update will include a fresh look and feel with an updated user interface.

  • Design Simplifications: Changes to the user flow between different screens, making it easier to navigate through the app.
  • Linear Enrolment: Based on findings from user testing, an update has been made to the enrolment flow for user modalities. The app now offers what we like to call a linear enrolment, as opposed to the previous pick and choose method.
  • UI Changes: The bottom menu bar has changed to a hamburger menu button which is accessible from all pages. The benefit of this is to hide uncommonly used features and keeps the focus on the important areas for the user.

If you would like to learn more about BioConnect ID, our mobile biometric authentication solution, book a free demo here.