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BioConnect Insights is a new subscription feature to our existing BioConnect Enterprise software that will help you get the most out of your biometric access control system. This new tool will help you make proactive decisions and address user enrollment and device issues before they begin to impact system performance. This new addition to BioConnect Enterprise is turning your data into the future blueprint for all system administrators.

Insights are important to every organization. Forrester reports that 74% of firms admit they want to be more “data-driven,” but only 29% of those asked are actually successful at positioning their analytics to drive any sort of measurable action.  BioConnect Enterprise’s new Insights feature built into the Admin Console is all about analyzing data to better understand your system and to optimize your access control management procedures. These better decisions will create more effective strategies and more efficient procedures, resulting in increased profitability and reduced time spent mitigating issues retroactively.

There is a notification system built to help System Administrators identify 3 key issues in advance:

  1. When users have difficulty authenticating – User convenience and security should be at the forefront of any decision made. When users are unable to authenticate consistently, they are unable to effectively access secure areas in your organization. Insights will send a notification to a system administrator inside the Admin Console when it appears like a user might have a poor enrollment score or needs to be re-trained on proper use of the devices. By proactively reaching to users struggling to authenticate, system administrators are able to improve the overall user experience of the system and avoid unnecessary security escalations.
  2. Devices that need maintenance – These devices protect mission critical areas within your organization. You can’t afford any down time. Use our new Insights feature to address any maintenance updates at the device level before they go offline- protecting your organization from break ins or costly repairs if left untreated.
  3. When devices encounter network issues – Insights can identify network issues using a systematic process that aims to diagnose problems and restore normal device and network operations.

product_insights-engine_Dashboard-1Data is only valuable if it can help you identify and prioritize impactful tasks. Insights, within Admin Console for BioConnect Enterprise, hosts as a web-based display to help you make better choices around system performance and maintenance. You will be able to watch your system performance improve over time as your team uses key indicators to address issues before they are raised by your end users. Insights will be available inside the BioConnect Enterprise version 4.7 Admin Console as a subscription for the most detail oriented and proactive system administrators.

With 25+ out-the-the-box integrations, BioConnect Enterprise enables you to seamlessly add biometrics to your current access control infrastructure for increased security.

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