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Last week, BioConnect’s Chairman & CEO, Rob Douglas sat down with the President of Find Biometrics for an exclusive interview.

The two discussed topics covering identity, mobile, the internet of things, rebranding and changes happening in the security world. Watch the video or read on to see the full transcript of their discussion.

“We’re built from the ground-up to serve the enterprise”
Rob Douglas

Chairman & CEO, BioConnect

Transcribed Interview


PETER:, President and CEO, FindBiometrics

Hi it’s Peter O’Neill from Find Biometrics. We’re here at BioConnect’s offices in Toronto Liberty Village, speaking with Rob Douglas Founder & CEO.

Rob, we’re just back from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and enterprise-wide management was a big topic. What are you doing in this regard?


ROB:, Founder and CEO, BioConnect

Good morning Peter, we’re built from the ground-up to serve the enterprise. We fundamentally believe that every enterprise needs to transition from Suspect Identity to Rightful Identity for all interactions inside the enterprise and outside the firewall of the enterprise.

Our early beginnings centered in the physical access control space where we took biometric devices and built an integration platform to the world’s top access control systems. Today 80% of the world’s access control manufacturers benefit from BioConnect being certified into their platforms.

What does it mean for you? It means that people can get on with consuming biometrics from finger recognition, face recognition and other technologies in the enterprise for access control.



And I understand you’re going through a rebranding right now. Does this have anything to do with this movement?



Yes, it does. Just for the viewers, I’d just like to share with you – 6 years ago we began this journey of ‘what can we do to make biometrics frictionless for the enterprise.’ It began as an objective of ‘frictionless’ and here we are today now re-naming the company BioConnect. What became a product has actually become the company because it really speaks to who we are today and who we are into the future.

Our interest is to be able to provide an identity platform for the enterprise to serve biometric information to all access control systems worldwide. At the same time, do the same thing for logical access to applications in the enterprise.

And an example of that might be, where I would be able to in the future, go to BioConnect‘s app and pick from my menu of biometric types and do a biometric verification in order to get access to my computer applications or my phone applications or my tablet applications.

Likewise, the same thing I’ll be able to do with Nymi. Nymi has a biometric wearable – we’ve already announced that we will integrate this into BioConnect’s platform in the summer of 2016. It means that I will be able to become present to my office and it will recognize who I am and let me in… and at the same time I can sit down and work off of my Mac or work off of my phone and it will be emanating a continuous signal of who I am.

So if you think about it – a customer said it to me yesterday and I think it describes well. For those in the access control industry – what Milestone is to the video platform, BioConnect is to the identity platform for the enterprise.



Rob, I love the direction you’re heading and we saw a lot of this conversation in Barcelona just last month.

I also noticed that ISC West has also expanded it’s focus to include much more than just physical access. This seems to mirror your feelings in the marketplace. Is this the case?



Yes, it is. In fact, I hope you do come and join us at ISC West. We’re actually at booth #22075. And what you’re going to see there if you come, is: Us integrated into 5 access control systems – Software House, Lenel, AMAG, Genetec and Paxton.

You’ll see a whole focus around 8 different biometric types pre-certified and integrated into the access control industry and live examples that you can work with.

You’ll also see our Suprema end-to-end software application for access control. An IP-based system.

You’re also going to see our latest new products.

I’ll just show you to my right here, a brand new product we’ve just brought to market is called the BioStation A2. This particular product is an Android-based operating system which means that I can have greater control and usability of the system for access control or I could be using it for time and attendance.

You’ll also see there from us our next generation, BioConnect TeamWorks which is an identity-based cloud application for attendance tracking as well as absence management and analytics.

So it’s going to be quite a very exciting show for us as I’m sure it will be for others. But everything we’re doing is around the connection and interaction to the enterprise.

And actually I would like to just re-state it again – including everything to do with mobile. You’re going to see coming from us before the end of the year mobile authentication using biometric types will be able to be completed by your phone and you’ll be able to interact with your access control system to verify your rightful identity and gain access to the doors you’re seeking to gain access too – as well as various applications that you may be working with.



That’s amazing – it sort of answers the next question a bit, but I’d like to probe a little bit further if I may…

With the increase in mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT), which was a very hot topic in Barcelona, and wearables which you’ve already demonstrated with the Nymi band, how will BioConnect’s solutions manage all of these different areas?



As we are the identity platform for the enterprise, the IoT space represents a very interesting opportunity; wherever the industrial internet of things needs to intersect a physical item with the identity of a person… wherever that moment needs to occur, then BioConnect has an extraordinary solution for the enterprise.

An example might be in the area of compliance – if you’re a retailer and you’re working with bailers which are essence trash compactors of cardboard boxes, under OSHA rules in the US, you have to be 18 years of age or older to be able to operate these machines. And you have to be able to demonstrate that under the compliance of OSHA.

When you connect BioConnect into your access control applications and then you harness and take advantage of a Suprema biometric device, we can provide certainty into the identity of that person who is 18 or older before they’re authorized to use a machine like that.

So the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents a continued expansion of the opportunity of what BioConnect does as a platform for identity. So we bring together physical access, access to your applications and then access or verification of identity to your IoT applications.



Well it certainly is the sweet spot.

As you move into the coming years, are there certain vertical markets where you think that your product will gain rapid traction?



Yes, there are and I’ll comment on them… In fact, if you’re in any one of these sectors, I would encourage you to contact us. Reach us at or if you’d like you can reach me directly — I’m Rob Douglas. You can look me up on LinkedIn and I’ll be able to connect with you directly.

The areas where we have just a really strong value proposition for the enterprise are: any data center or colocation facility, any bank, insurance company, healthcare provider, educational institution, utilities, telecommunications companies, critical infrastructure companies. Whether it’s for access to the perimeter, or parts within the business; whether it’s access to applications that are operated inside the firewall or used as cloud applications or IoT and IIoT applications, BioConnect’s identity platform when it’s connected to the physical devices, mobile devices and wearable devices represents a very strong promise for the future for the enterprise.



When I think of your product, just about any enterprise out there – the bigger, the more important it would probably seem.

I also know that you’re going to be at ISC West in a few short weeks – that’s correct is it?



Yes, we will be there and as I mentioned earlier, we will be in booth 22075. Please come and join us, we are going to have a full team there from Suprema and from BioConnect in order to answer your questions and show you the latest innovations in the world of identity management for the enterprise.



Rob, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today. I look forward to seeing your products at the ISC West show in just a few weeks.



Thank you Peter.



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