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HID Mobile Credential

Unlock any HID Mobile Access compatible door with the BC Mobile Authenticator app. Add biometric authentication or a simple yes/no to your existing HID devices.

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How it Works

Authentication Methods

Key Features


How it Works

A users phone is presented near the HID reader

User receives a push notification and authenticates their identity

Upon successful authentication, access to door is granted!

Authentication Methods

Biometric and Simple ‘Yes/No’ Identity Assurance

The BC Mobile Authenticator enables true identity assurance to protect your facilities. Users can authenticate using their face or a simple yes/no approval via a push notification sent to their mobile device.

Customizable Mobile Wellness and/or Compliance Survey

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mobile Wellness Survey is presented to visitors and employees prior to entry to your facilities. We have moved from having only to identify WHO you are but having to also identify HOW you are.

The survey questions can also be completely customized to meet your enterprise security, privacy and compliance needs.

Leverage Existing 3rd Party Authenticators for Physical Access

With the BioConnect Link solution, customers can utilize their existing trusted authenticators used for digital access, at the door. Authenticators include DUO, Ping ID, and Okta.

Key Features

Add an additional layer of security with two-factor authentication (2FA)

Bringing ability to add biometrics and 2FA

  • Any areas where you have high risk of a breach – regulatory fines or significant loss of data, we can offer biometrics for true identity assurance
  • Time-of-day rules provide additional flexibility


Using biometrics to determine access to secure areas is critical

1.Physical and behavioral measurements are more reliable as a source of identity than something the individual knows, or has, such as keys, cards, fobs, etc.

2.Unlike passwords, keys and cards, biometrics cannot be forgotten, lost, shared or stolen

3.Biometrics cannot be guessed and do not change over time

4.Properly encrypted biometrics are extremely difficult to hack or compromise

Deployment & Integration

Seamlessly integrated into your existing system quick deployment.

Works with Existing PAC System

Existing multi-vendor system?

Our system integrates seamlessly with existing panels, readers and access control software, to create a single unified biometric security solution. No rip-and-replace required

Easy to Scale

50 buildings and 50,000 employees?

Our system can easily scale, while maintaining centralized administration of your users and devices.

Future-Proofed Technology

Need to future-proof your security investment?

BioConnect is a leader in digital innovation. Our award-winning systems continuously grow to bring you the latest security technology.

Privacy & Compliance

The use of biometrics raises the tension between security and privacy. For higher levels of authentication security, organizations use biometrics. However, the individuals who need to gain access to those systems have a right to protect their own privacy, including their biometric information.

Reliable, secure, easy-to-use controls for SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS and NERC

BioConnect brings together the world’s best biometric technologies, so you know who is accessing your critical infrastructure. It provides a unique multi-layer security architecture to provide real protection to your data, your infrastructure and your users privacy, along with risk-based authentication.

Single, Unified Platform

Centralized administration, better security, higher efficiency and simpler compliance. The BioConnect Platform provides a unified view, with one pool of identities, one pool of devices, across all your buildings. This can reduce your compliance costs by 50%

Does not store an image of the actual biometric

Biometric samples that are captured by its sensors, extract their unique features into a biometric template, which is a string of 1’s and 0’s that digitally represents those features. Templates are securely saved and encrypted so they can be used to match against biometric measurements taken in the future when an individual seeks access. These templates cannot be transferred, or reverse engineered.


Add BioConnect’s HID Mobile Credential to your access control system with:

Hand tapping card at server cabinet

BioConnect Web Console + API

Web console and open API, to manage users, rules, access events, and to facilitate PACS synchronization

Hand tapping card at server cabinet

Mobile Authenticator Apps

A mobile application to receive push notifications for user authentication. This can be BioConnect’s Mobile App (included), or an integrated third-party app like Duo, Okta or Ping ID.

Hand tapping card at server cabinet

HID Card Readers

NFC/BT Capable

Hand tapping card at server cabinet


Supported Physical Access Control Systems

The authentication solution you’ve been waiting for.

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