The 'Aha' Moment

It was 2007. Our Chairman & CEO, Rob Douglas was walking around the global security trade show and thought ‘we have it all wrong. We’re not managing the rightful identity of people.’ Humans are unique, so identity should be too.

  • Company Founded

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Physical Access

    BioConnect Platform integrates into 80% of the access control world

  • Digital Access

    BioConnect ID replaces tokens & other secrets with mobile authentication for enterprise applications

  • Unified Digital & Physical

    Frictionless and passive authentication for physical and digital access

  • Sovereign Identity Utility

    A continuous trust score for identity assurance across all platforms and applications

Meet the Founder

Rob Douglas Photo

Rob Douglas

Founder, Chairman & CEO

IBM logo

Sales Manager

Enterprise IT Systems

Oracle logo

Vice President, Sales

Enterprise Software

Siebel logo

VP & General Manager

Fast Growing Tech Company
0 to $110m in 4 Years

Pivotal logo

Executive VP, Sales


Teklogix logo

President, Teklogix

Transform $80-140m

Bioscrypt logo

CEO, Bioscrypt

#1 Public Global Biometric Leader

BioConnect logo

Founder, Chairman & CEO

The people behind BioConnect

Jeff Crews Photo

Jeff Crews

Chief Customer Officer

Courtney Gibson Photo

Courtney Gibson


Edsel Shreve Photo

Edsel Shreve

Chief Revenue Officer

Julia Webb Photo

Julia Webb

VP, Marketing & Alliances

Pritesh Patel Photo

Pritesh Patel

Director, AI & Development

Christine Song Photo

Christine Song

Advisor, People & Culture

Justin Lyons Photo

Justin Lyons

Chief Financial Officer

Tammie Ashton Photo

Tammie Ashton

Chief Legal Counsel

The people behind BioConnect

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Our space in the heart of Liberty Village.

Top view of our office
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Photo of office space
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Photo of Executive Briefing Centre
Photo of Chief Financial Officer
Photo of BioConnect's Values

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