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Another year of ISC West has come and gone, and what an incredible show it was. From the keynotes to the expo hall, BioConnect truly found value in attending this event, like we do each and every year. ISC West is always a big show for BioConnect, we like to refer to it as the “SuperBowl of Access Control” and this year was no different. ISC West is the perfect stage to showcase new solutions and technology to the access control market over an impressive three-day period. BioConnect has been attending this show for over a decade, and truthfully, this was the most transformative year yet. We learned so much at this event about how the industry is transforming and advancing into new territories.

Bioconnect team

1. More Focus on Digital Access & Cybersecurity Solutions

Traditionally, ISC West was an expo hall filled with different types of doorknobs, sensors and alarm bells that signified access control. This has been changing slowly but surely, however, this year seemed to prove a massive shift in the need to focus on digital access and cybersecurity solutions. Digital access is just as, if not more, critical to protect when it comes to the safety and security of an organization. Just like an intruder can break through your front door leaving your people inside vulnerable to attack, a cybercriminal can break through thick firewalls and steal importantcritical data.  

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2. End User Access Control Standards Have Changed

The standard expected by an end user has significantly shifted and changed. Security Managers no longer find it acceptable to spend a great length of time figuring out how to manage their access control software combined with any additional software they need in order to protect their enterprise. Managing two platforms may have worked years ago, but it is not even considered when there is an option to have a single point of access management. End users and System Integrators now expect security providers to have one deeply embedded integration into their access control platform and they need to be able to enroll, delete and manage all user information right from that single platform – creating a seamless solution for the Admin. 

BioConnect Deep Embed to Genetec Security Center

BioConnect Deep Embed to Software House CCURE 9000

3. IT and Security Professionals Working Close Together 

The notion of the IT and Security Professionals worlds colliding has been at the forefront of BioConnect’s goals for the past 5 years. We have slowly seen the transition of IT professionals being involved in the security decisions and having a more prominent and permanent seat at the security table. ISCW 2019 proved this to be the new major shift in the industry. We saw many IT and Physical Access Control duo’s wandering the expo hall looking for the next best security solution for their enterprise. This is a vast change from the large number of access security professionals that once solely attended this conference. We learned that not only do solutions need to be safe and convenient for the end user, but there needs to be IT buy-in as well.  

4. Focus on Mobile Solutions and Understanding How to Adopt This New Technology

The security industry is aware that the physical security world as we know it is shifting towards a mobile-first approach. The global digital revolution was more apparent than ever at ISC West 2019. It is transforming the world and inadvertently creating new threats for security professionals that need to be addressed. For example, the rise in popularity of using mobile technology for access control has opened the door to the possibilities of managing both physical and digital access from one single platform, creating a more exact identity assurance of a user for a company. The ability to use technology, like a mobile phone, along with an already IT approved security tool, to get through physical doors was a groundbreaking revelation and something that BioConnect was proud to exhibit at ISCW 2019.  

Mobile Verification Unified with Physical Access Solutions

5. Data is King 

This isn’t a new concept for us, but it was more apparent than ever that the industry is more focused on making data-based decisions. Using data has been crucial for many leading companies to outperform the competition by making more informed decisions. Knowing if someone has gotten through a door or not is no longer enough for security professionals to feel as though they are making the best security decisions for their organization. More and more companies seem to be delivering the option to have big data as part of the security deal.  

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ISC West is always a fantastic opportunity to showcase the best and brightest new technology and access control solutions to the market. It also lends itself to be one of North Americas largest networking and sales demo grounds. BioConnect had great success and inspiring learnings from this year.  

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