Biometrics platforms made for you

With flexible approaches across physical and digital use cases, we help customers deploy, manage and scale biometrics across their organization.

We build solutions

Digital Trust

Biometrics toolbox not bound by device

BioConnect ID

One SDK & API. All Modalities.

Our biometrics toolbox, not bound by device. For a flexible approach to change the way your customers authenticate.

  • Face, Finger, Voice, Eye, Behavioral
  • Android + iOS Support
  • Cloud Dashboard + User Management
  • Build Password-less Authentication

Physical Security

Top biometric devices for Enterprise

BioConnect Security

Dedicated Physical Security.

The top biometric hardware with software that integrates with the access control system you already have in place.

  • Face, Finger, Card, PIN Hardware
  • 25+ Access Control Integrations
  • Suprema Authorized Partner
  • Secure Doors, Turn-styles, Man Traps, Server Cabinets